Free Mobility Assessments

Our physiotherapist at Caremax Mobility has over 6 years in assessment and prescribing treatment as well as mobility equipment for those that require it. We provide FREE mobility assessments and prescribe mobility aids according to the customer needs.

Many individuals don’t know what type of aid is best suited for their condition or level of mobility, or can be sold a piece of equipment that might not be best fit for them. That is why at Caremax Mobility we hold the advantage of having experienced Physiotherapists that can do it all and give you the best advice and prescription for the most suitable aid that you need and deserve.

Contact us today on (02) 9525 3231 for your Free Physiotherapy Mobility Assessment and get moving quicker today!

Product Assembly & Demonstration

At Caremax Mobility we offer our customers FREE product assembly and demonstration in-store for all of our product range. Not only do we provide the best quality equipment the market has to offer, but we make sure our customers are given the best advice when using our products, no matter their age or condition.

We can also arrange in-home assembly and demonstration for our electric mobility products for your convenience in addition to providing product training to you and your family. Caremax Mobility always ensures our customers are confident with the product they are using, and we are always one phone call away from giving you further advice or education. Aftercare and customer satisfaction is important to us!

To organise a free product demonstration or assembly in-store or alternatively in-home assembly & demonstration please contact us on (02) 9525 3231 or Email and one of our members of staff will contact you promptly.

Service & Repairs

At Caremax Mobility we will continue to provide you an excellent aftercare service to complement your purchase. We will be happy to service and repair your equipment to ensure that it continues to complement your lifestyle.

We recommend servicing your equipment either 6 monthly or yearly to prolong the life of your equipment and ensure it is working correctly. Whether it be a mobility scooter, electric wheelchair, or any other electric product, we offer you the chance to ensure your equipment continues to run smoothly and safely.

Caremax Mobility can arrange:

  • Repairs and servicing In-store or In-home for your convenience
  • Call out for one of our service technicians to assist emergency breakdowns
  • Replacement batteries for our motorised products
  • Spare part replacements for all products either in-stock or we will order for you
  • Safety Inspections on your motorised products to ensure wellbeing

To book in a service or repair, contact us on (02) 9525 3231 or email and one of our members of staff will contact you promptly. We will provide you with an estimate on the cost of service or repair based on what is required, as well as how long it will take.

Home Modifications

The opportunity to modify and construct a safe home for our customers is one of our core objectives as a mobility aid and service specialist organisation. Caremax Mobility takes home safety seriously and we will strive to provide you with the most suitable modifications that you require to ensure a safe home environment. These home modifications include providing assistive technology or products, or creating structural changes to your home as required.

In addition to having in-house Physiotherapists that can conduct home safety assessments, we work closely with many Occupational Therapists that can conduct further in-depth assessments on your home requirements to recommend the right plan of action. Depending on what modifications are required, Caremax Mobility will arrange expert installation services and training in your home to ensure safety and independence.

Just some of our home modifications include:

  • Grab bars & rails throughout the home
  • Step wedges installed
  • Access Ramps
  • Furniture modifications to promote independence
  • Wheelchair & scooter access Ramps
  • Safety rails through home entry and exit
  • Widening doorways
  • Non-slip products for bathroom

For all your home modification requirements please contact us on (02) 9525 3231 or email and we will respond to your request promptly. If you have any other home modification requirements or queries please do not hesitate to contact us!