SupaScoota Sport HD


Engineered for powerful performance and total reliability.Now with electronic stability control, unconventional and undeniably different the SupaScoota Sport HD challenges the traditional concept of portable scooter design. Its innovative and unique design will leave you asking why it has taken so long to arrive. Simple observation reveals the quality engineering and functionality so you wont be left wondering how it works. The SupaScoota Sport HD puts the joy back into the journey so you can focus on the destination.

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    • 800 $

Key Features

  • Folds down to make it compact for easy handling as well as lightweight.
  • Forward and reverse drive with finger tip control for both forward and reverse. (not twist grip)
  • Fail safe electromagnetic brake (for extra safety).
  • Pneumatic tyres (for softer ride and less weight).
  • Lithium battery option available to make the scooter more lightweight.
  • Armrest option available.
  • Drop down tiller for under table use.
  • Front basket standard
  • Worm drive gearbox (not belt drive)
  • 2 year warranty
  • Height adjustable and comfortable padded seat.
  • 4 wheel 24volt, 2 x 180watt motor output
  • Max Speed 9kph and reduces speed to a safe level when turning
  • Travel Distance Up to 14km with standard battery or Up to 18km with optional Lithium battery


Length: 110cm
Width: 60cm
Max Speed: 9km/h
Max Range: 14-18km depending on battery option
Maximum Load: 125kg


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