Configura Comfort Lift Chair – Dual Motor Adjustable


Suitable for users with mild to moderate postural requirements, the Configura chair helps reduce the formation of pressure ulcers so users can sit comfortably for longer. The powered lift assists to stand or sit users with limited mobility, meaning users have increased independence as they do not need to wait for a carer or family member for assistance.

The Crown Jewel of lift chairs. The Configura Comfort Lift Chair features many different options which allow the chair to be customised to suit each individual, such as increased seat and width or simple back adjustments. Once the chair is set up for a specific individual, their comfort and postural support is greatly heightened. The tilt in space recline feature is highly unique and effective in reducing pressure injuries, as the client can achieve a zero-gravity position. Tilt in space is very effective in promoting and maintaining correct posture and aiding client comfort. An Occupational Therapists go to option for ultimate adjustability.

Configura Comfort is suitable for:
• Users at risk of pressure damage
• Users with current pressure damage (subject to professional assessment)
• Ambulant, semi-ambulant and non-ambulant users
• Accommodation and encouragement of good posture
• Users with Neurological conditions
• Users with a Kyphosis
• Users with oedematous legs and/or fluid build-up

Key Features

• Two Motors
• Tilt-in-Space functionality
• Interchangeable backrest options – adjustable pillow backrests
• Lateral supports and adjustable lateral supports
• Vapour Permeable Seat and Backrest
• Easy to use handset
• Pressure Care Seating Options
• Fully hoist accessible with Return Platform and most Stand Hoists, to facilitate reduced carer packages
• Integrated self-supply overlay to make fitting your own cushion easy and simple
• No-shear backrest recline to retain pelvic stability
• Castors for easy mobility
• Knock-down design for easy deliveries
• Integrated depth adjustment – no extra parts required



Small Medium Large
Seat Height 406mm 457mm 457mm
Seat Height (with HAK*) 457mm 508mm 508mm
Seat Width 457mm 508mm 508mm
Seat Depth (Position 1) 457mm 457mm 457mm
Seat Depth (Position 2) 508mm 508mm 508mm
Armrest Height 180mm 180mm 180mm

Rise Height to Front of Chair

Chair to Wall/Furniture 457mm 483mm 483mm
Safe Working Load 130kg 160kg 160kg



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