Guide to Choosing a Mobility Aid

Guide to Choosing a Mobility Aid

In an ideal world, everyone would have perfect musculoskeletal structures immune to injury and ageing. Unfortunately, ageing, disabilities and injury are a reality that can interfere with our ability to live our normal lives. This is where mobility aids can change your life. Using a mobility aid when you cannot support your own weight, whether for a short while or indefinitely, spans beyond walking. It enables you to remain upright, which contributes to improved breathing, production of infection-fighting antibodies and proper nutrition. It also prevents the loss of bone and muscle mass that is common with lack of use.

What Mobility Aids are Available?

A mobility aid is selected based on the overall physical condition and function of the user. It is also based on the user’s fitness, size, as well as mental well being as not all mobility aids are suitable for all individuals. Caremax Mobility provides its customers with various aids including:

  • Canes – As the simplest mobility aid, a cane is designed to help with balance only. For more serious balance deficiencies, a quad cane (with 4 legs) can be used. This may be a simple option for around the home or even in public.
  • Crutches – Designed to keep weight off an injured leg, crutches require significant upper body strength and balance. The type of crutches used greatly depends on a person’s age, physical fitness, and injury type.
  • Walkers – Designed to help with serious balance deficiencies, a walker eliminates the weight from an injured leg. With improved weight-bearing abilities, a rolling walker may be used.
  • Wheelchairs – Designed for individuals with no weight-bearing capabilities, a wheelchair is invaluable for maintaining independence, increasing safety, and allowing you to lead a nearly normal life.
  • Motorised Scooters & Power Wheelchairs – A more advanced and long-lasting method of mobilising either around the home or long distances out in the general public. Definitely a preferred style of mobility for weaker or disabled individuals who want to carry out living their normal life without significant restrictions.












Do I Need a Mobility Aid?

If you have been physically declining, diagnosed with a physical disability, or have sustained an injury and/or do not have the capacity to perform normal daily activities, you likely require a mobility aid. It is crucial to seek professional assistance when selecting a mobility aid, as Caremax Mobility has experienced physiotherapists that can evaluate your weight-bearing ability and ensure that your body sustains no further damage. We will give you an honest opinion about what mobility aid you most require, as our primary objective is to get you back to functioning and mobilising as best as you can.

Do you have any questions regarding your options for choosing the correct mobility aid to suit your needs? Feel free to visit us in store for your FREE MOBILITY ASSESSMENT by one of our experienced physiotherapists. Alternatively you may contact us on (02) 9525 3231 or email as at for any questions you may have.

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