Caremax Auto-Fold Mobility Scooters

Caremax Auto-Fold Mobility Scooters

Are you searching for the user-friendly option when it comes to choosing a mobility scooter? At Caremax Mobility we pride ourselves on providing electronic mobility aids that are not only easy to use, but easy to fold, store and transport. We supply mobility scooters in Sydney and throughout Australia for our various clientele. If you are also looking for lightweight and airline friendly mobility scooters and power chairs you have come to the right place.

Very few scooters on the market today are foldable and approved for airline travel. Many people are looking for something that is just simple to store and fold away, but what if they can do more than that? Lets face it, having a disability that affects your mobility and not being able to do the things you love can be daunting at times. But there are several mobility scooters which we carry that can help minimise this!

Folding mobility scooters have been around for many years and technology is advancing to help those with disability mobilise for effectively. At Caremax Mobility we aim to stay ahead of the curve. We currently stock mobility scooters more lightweight, with longer battery ranges, more user-friendly and more transportable than ever before!

For instance, we proudly carry the Genie Plus Auto Fold Mobility Scooter and the Maleta Auto Fold Mobilty Scooter that are built to make your life easier.

The Genie Plus automatic folding electric travel scooter is one of the most advanced portable travel scooters on the market! Equipped with many advanced features, this scooter takes travel and portability to the next level. It folds in seconds at the push of a button. That’s right! There’s no manual-folding with this model! Stand back and relax while you’re Genie automatically folds itself in seconds. Featuring plane safe lithium batteries and weighing just over 24kg including batteries – holidays have never been so easy!


The Maleta is an automatic folding travel scooter and one of the most-lightest and handy mobility scooters on the market. Designed for weight and convenience, the Maleta weighs in at just over 21kg without batteries or 23kg with plane-safe Lithium batteries and folds flatter than any other Travel Scooter! The Maleta can be folded virtually with the push of a button and you can watch your travel scooter fold itself into a slim package. The Maleta comes with an impressive remote which can fold the scooter with a click of a button. Take advantage by easily transporting this scooter on cruises, planes, and holidays!


Want to Know More?

For More information on these products please visit our Mobility Scooter product page. Alternatively you can contact us on (02) 9525 3231 or email us on for some expert opinion on your mobility scooter options.

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